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This painting is a smaller and simplified version of my 18 x 36 "Ephemeral Falls" painting available on this website for sale.


I created this beginner version for a youtube video on our channel in a six-part video series spanning 7 hours of painting time.


This painting is a fantasy, meaning not based on real life. I am a huge fantasy genre reader (think Game of Thrones) and I love the idea of an oasis in the middle of snow-covered land. Weary, near frozen travelers can take comfort there before heading back out into the wilderness. These areas often crop up in fantasy books, defying the surrounding environment in favor of its own micro world that somehow stays warm, has flowing water, and may have plenty of food to eat.

I know, it's a bit much, but this painting embodies the spirit of the fantasy world and I enjoy painting these fantastical scenes once in awhile to tap my inner Tolkien.

Ephemeral Falls YouTube Version, 12 x 24 oil on gessoed hardboard, unframed#8521

Excluding Sales Tax
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