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Kent Island Federation of Arts, Inc.
405 Main Street, Stevensville, MD 21666
410-643-7424 | |​​​


I love winter paintings. Winter colors - the lavenders, blues, blacks and browns, can have so much variety and beauty on their own without the flashiness of the reds, oranges and yellows. I think this painting proves you can do a lot with blue and white and only hints of transparent blacks.


This painting is one of my favorites - it features a heavily laden spruce in the foreground. I could not resist the palette knife to create the spruce, simulating the snow-laden braches with heavy paints placed with the knife. you can see the snow and braches coming at you off the canvas! What a fun effect!


The poor birches  off to the right gave way their place in the spotlight to the spruce.


This painting started off as an art lesson and took on a personality of its own.

"Snow-Laden Spruce" 18 x 24" oil on canvas board, unframed #8323

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