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You really CAN paint! Bob Ross style, of course!

By Brian Sutton

"I can't draw."

"I have no artistic talent."

Those are the two most common responses I get when I encourage people to pick up a paint brush and paint with us at the studio or out on the road.

They're wrong.

Bob Ross was fond of saying that talent is nothing more than a pursued interest, meaning that if you have an interest in something and are willing to practice at it you can be good at it.

Many of us want to paint or draw, pick up an instrument to play music, or any other number of things. But we don't. We talk ourselves out of being adventurous. We avoid the risk of failure, and as a result we miss an opportunity to pursue an interest and bring more joy to our lives.

Give painting a try. Come to a Bob Ross paint class with me and in four hours or so I can point you in the right direction and give you the guidance and coaching you need to get a painting onto canvas that you can be proud of. If you'd rather paint at home, watch some Bob Ross and follow along. We have all the supplies you need right here at Art Party Unlimited. We carry a broad range of Bob Ross products to help you get to where you want to go.

You CAN draw (or paint) and you DO have artistic talent. You just have to practice.

I practice every day. You can, too.


P.S. - I've included some links below to the Bob Ross classes we have on the upcoming schedule. See how easy they are to paint and then book a class with me at You'll be glad you did.

About Brian: Brian is a Certified Ross Instructor and is authorized to teach the method and paintings of everyone's favorite painter, Bob Ross.

Below: Frozen Solitude

Below: Northern Lights

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