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Ignite Your Artistic Journey: Setting Goals for Unstoppable Growth

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of artistic journey you may be on?  If you are reading this blog, it probably means you've at least started such a journey!  I would love to encourage you to consider where you're at, look forward to where you want to be, and take some steps in between to get your creativity flowing and your ability as a creator growing! Let's talk about setting goals for growth!

Artist Karen Saunders showing off 2 small floral paintings completed in 10 minutes apiece of the small vase of black eyed susans and lavender on the table.
Goal Setting in Action! Here are a couple of Karen's 10 minute challenge paintings. Visit our Art Party Unlimited YouTube page for more on 10 minute challenge painting.

People participate in our art community in lots of ways, from getting messy at  in-person classes to anonymously watching our online YouTube videos.  Many of our art friends start with us in one way and then move into something else as they learn and grow. We're always so excited to work with people and find out how their artistic bent merges with ours. First time painters at a paint and sip event who think they can't draw a stick figure are pretty common!  Usually they have a lot of fun and feel the pride that comes with tackling and accomplishing something new, and we are thrilled when they take home something they are happy with.  Some come with lots of experience and just want to learn from somebody new, or try a different style.  All are welcome!  Part of our mission at Art Party Unlimited is to help you create art that makes you smile, no matter what form that takes.  To read more about what we do and why, click HERE. We believe creativity, in its many forms, is a distinct part of being human and we love nurturing that in people.  It’s a path that looks different for everyone!

Artist Brian Sutton instructs a group of painters at tables with easels learning to paint in the style of Bob Ross with oil paints
Loving learning in a judgment-free oil painting class!


Once you've taken note of your current place along your individual art journey, a good next step is thinking about where you might want it to take you next!  Brian and I are never happy to just stay the same as artists.  We do a lot of teaching and entertaining others with art, but we also do a ton of learning on our own.  We both have goals relating to the growth we hope to experience and plans that we implement to make it happen.  In the last couple of years, we took on a whole new type of painting journey- Plein Air Painting! 

Artists Karen Saunders and Brian Sutton painting at Garden of the Gods in Colorado during the 2023 Plein Air Convention and Expo, PACE
Painting in together in Denver at the Plein Air Convention and Expo was an incredibly inspiring time. We were out totally out of our comfort zone much of the time and learned so much from many great artists!

And you know what? It's working for us and it can for you, too!  Maybe you just want to be able to come to a paint class and not be afraid of the canvas.  Or you've discovered you love step-by-step painting instruction but feel really ready to move beyond that into creating your own unique art.  A ton of people get started with us because they love Bob Ross and get hooked on painting in general when they take a class from certified Ross instructor Brian.  Once you get started, there are so many ways to find fulfillment in the journey. Here’s a very short list of some additional goals that we’ve had students strive to achieve:

  1. Learn to draw/become a better drawer

  2. Paint with more confidence

  3. Become comfortable with a new medium, such as oil paints or watercolor

  4. Paint something as a gift

  5. Learn to paint something from a photograph

  6. Paint a picture of a pet

  7. Learn how to paint without “mixing mud”

  8. Improve the look of their art so that they can sell it/or so that it sells for more

  9. Learn about art techniques like using value, color, and edges

  10. Mixing color so that their paintings pop and look more realistic

  11. Create portraits of people

  12. Create cartoon drawings that show different emotions

  13. Learn about the different types of of paint brushes and knowing when to use them

  14. Paint a flower

Woman on the left holding painting of her dog done in an Art Party Unlimited paint your pet class.  Woman on the right is holding a painting she did of her cat peeking out of a basket.
Students proudly sharing the portraits they've painted of their pets.

The list could go on and on!  What people would like to do with their art is as individual as the artists themselves. And yes, even if you are a beginner, it’s alright to call yourself an Artist! We’d love to hear what achievements you might add to this list.

A child proudly holding his framed painting of a shark
A happy artist!

Now that you are thinking a little bit about your artistic journey, is there anything specific you could be doing to move yourself along?  We’ve found that many times all it takes is making the decision to just do it!  That might mean signing up for a class to try something you’ve never done before. It could be learning about the materials you need to start getting more creative at home.  Maybe you are ready for professional private lessons or next level classes to develop your skills. You might be someone who would benefit from setting aside time to watch or follow along with some video instruction.  Wherever you’re headed on your creative path, we’d love to hear from you and help point you in the right direction.  We know that investing in supplies and putting time into classes is a commitment and we specialize in giving our art friends the advice they need to get going and keep moving forward!  Most of all, we believe in you- when you take a look at where you are and begin implementing your goals, from the largest to the smallest, you’ll be unstoppable!


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