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Wind + Art become happy accident?

True story here! I spent all day Sunday painting this painting, put it in a pretty frame and was packing to head home. It was sitting on the table you can see in the background.

A HUGE gust of wind picked up the tent and hoisted it into the air, taking the table (and my painting) into the air with it.

Painting damaged. Frame damaged.

Was it a happy accident? Heck yes. Here's why:

Two young girls had been with me most of the day watching me paint this this. They wanted the painting but didn't have cash to buy it.

After I assessed the damage to the painting, I put it in the trash. The two girls snagged the painting right out of the trash, Karen gave them the damaged frame and off they went!

Turns out mom is an artist and is fixing the damage to the painting and the family owns a business where they work wood. Frame will be repaired!

I feel so humbled that someone loved a painting so much that they were willing to snag it and do the repairs so that they could be reminded of a fun day in Corydon, Indiana.

Bob Ross had it correct! Happy accidents are real.



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