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Our "Beyond Bob Workshop"

An 6-week primer course to teach you all you need to know to paint on your own

Presented by Brian Sutton, certified Bob Ross instructor

My Bob Ross workshops are here for every one of you to learn and enjoy. In each class, I invite you to master new skills and bring your own ideas to life and expand beyond what you can see on the television series. I'll teach why Bob was doing his techniques and I'll teach you how to paint using simpler methods that yield amazing results. You'll learn things far beyond what Bob could show you in a 27-minute episode.
I will truly share the joy of painting with you and take the stress out of creating artwork. You just won't get this anywhere else.

Are you up for the challenge? Get signed up today. The January 2025 class is already booking!

In this workshop we will cover

Bob Ross Workshop

If you like Bob Ross classes, you'll love this workshop that will give you a new understanding of Bob's methods and help you make them your own.

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