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Welcome to the Art Party Unlimited schedule of classes!

Happy Painting 2024!

Kevin, Virtual Lessons

“I have now had 4 online lessons with Brian and my knowledge is growing quickly. I am starting to feel more confident with a brush in hand and Brian is always willing to go down some technique rabbit holes with me. The conversation alone is worth the cost, but being able to paint simultaneously with him has been awesome!"

Vicki, In-Person Class

"The Basics of Oils class was just what I needed to inspire me to get back to oils. Karen, the instructor, is an awesome teacher. Her teaching style is easy to follow, and she provides extra tips as she goes along. I am definitely going to take more classes with her and Brian."

Debbie, In-Person Class

“I just love Art Party Unlimited. Brian and Karen are such wonderful instructors and are so nice. I feel so comfortable with them. I have tried other Bob Ross classes; but after I found Brian’s teachings at Art Party Unlimited, I haven’t went anywhere else. Brian and Karen are a wealth of knowledge. Whether you are interested in painting like Bob Ross, more traditional oil painting (or even acrylics), Art Party Unlimited has you covered. Once you try Art Party Unlimited, no other painting class will compare.”
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