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Private Events
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You can't go wrong with a private event at our place or yours.  To get a free quote for your event, just click the button now to tell us:

  • Where

  • When

  • How Many Painters

  • Event Type (Corporate, Birthday, Teambuilding, Shower, Etc.)

  • Painting Type (Bob Ross, Acrylic Canvas, Children's, Something Else)

If you need help deciding on the details, just let us know!  We'll gladly walk you through the differences in our event types and customize an experience your group will love. 

Additional Information

  • Everything needed to paint is included.  

  • Pricing is based on the number of painters, the distance for mobile parties, and the type of project (such as an acrylic on canvas or a Bob Ross oil painting).

  • Since we offer total personalization of your package, we find it best to provide an individual quote rather than have one-size-fits-all rates.  We promise you'll always get the best deal for whatever size group you have!

  • Parties generally range in cost between $25 per person and $75, though cost may be lower or higher depending on location and other choices. 

  • Once you've received your quote, simply pay the deposit (non-refundable) and we'll reserve your date. 

  • No minimum or maximum guest requirement- quotes can be generated for any size group.  Click a button to get started!

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