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Expertly Taught Classes

• Taught by real certified classroom teachers.

• Experienced, kind teachers know how to bring out your best in every class

• Woman and Veteran owned and operated

Who Are We

The Personal Touch in Teaching

Art should make you smile. At Art Party Unlimited our goal is to bring that smile to your face every time. We love to see you celebrating your accomplishments. Whether is it painting or drawing, you'll be tapping your creative energy to achieve something new every time we see you.  We'll know your name and remember your strengths and challenge areas. We are your personal art instructors.

Artist Karen Saunders leads a birthday party painting class in Corydon, Indiana.

No Equals in Bob Ross instruction

  • Our art teachers are graduates of Bob Ross's school in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, learning directly from Bob Ross, Inc. We have  instructors certified in landscapes, seascapes, and florals and have taught around the country.

  • We bring years of professional teaching experience to our art classes, having worked in education and teaching everyone from pre-school children to adult grad students.  

  • Our teachers are constantly developing their fine art skills through workshops, conferences, and other professional development.  Visit our artist pages in the drop down menu to see some of our fine art!

  • We love all things Bob, and we teach with the same level of care that Bob did. Let Brian tell you all about it in the video below.

Our Workshops are Perfect for Beginners

Our specialty is working with new or less experienced artists who need a foundational skillset so that you can feel right at home wherever you are painting. We'll tell you everything you need to know to paint your best so that you always feel calm and included, and never out of place!

If you do already know the foundations of art, we'll help you build on those skills and add new ones. Many more experienced artists attend our workshops to get a different perspective on what they have been taught elsewhere. Learning from others helps improve your art. 

Brian demo at hubers.jpg

Private Art Lessons are Top Notch

  • Every private student is seen as an individual whose artistic goals are important to us.  When coming to us for the first time, we'll spend time looking at their art and talking about what they hope to accomplish,  personalizing the instruction to the student. 

  • Our experience as artists is made even more valuable since we are also tried and proven classroom teachers, having worked professionally as teachers of all ages, from early childhood through adult graduate students.

  • Our teachers are involved in near constant professional development, learning through on-going participation in drawing and painting workshops from other artists, attending painting events and conventions, and just making lots of art of their own!

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