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Happy Bob Ross Library Programs

We know as a library program director that you strive to bring your community the kind of quality programming you can stand behind.  We'd love to help do just that with our expertly taught Paint Like Bob Ross Classes!

Brian teaching in Lexington

6 Reasons Why You'll Want to Bring Our Bob Ross Programming to Your Library Patrons


Supports your mission.

Not only do our public libraries bring communities important practical information and learning, they also, as noted by the American Library Association, are situated to bring something "less tangible, yet just as essential to a satisfying and productive life- nourishment for the soul."

Bob Ross Painting from facebook.jpg


Empowers people for success.

Bob Ross made people feel calm, included, and successful.  We make that happen as well, in programs where the mantra is always, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!"

yellow coreopsis group in batesville.jpg


We make it easy.

We'll work with you to seamlessly bring quality programming to your patrons.  Everything needed is included in our classes and we handle set up, class time, and clean up.  References are available if you'd like to chat with someone who has hosted us already. 

Bob Ross Painting from facebook.jpg


Bob Ross is a cultural icon!

Finding a Bob Ross class is nostalgic for some, groundbreaking for others.  People are looking for positive recreational outlets offered close to home, and our classes appeal to folks in all walks of life.  In a world divided by so much, Bob brings people together in a way few things can.

Dubois library pic liz dressed as bob.jpg


Makes the arts accesible.

Bob Ross developed techniques to be accessible to everyone, even beginners who have never painted before! We believe, as he did, that "The secret to doing anything is believing you can do it!"  Research shows that releasing people's creative energy translates to greater confidence in other areas as well.

karen painting in batesville.jpg


Certified Ross Instructors rock.

We've been trained and are sanctioned by the Bob Ross company as brand embassadors.  Our training as former classroom teachers gives us an edge as well, along with the 100s of painting classes we've brought to people of all ages. 

seacape painting in action dubois.jpg

Have taken several classes and have learned so much. Brian and Karen are AWESOME instructors. They break everything down and you walk away saying "Wow, I actually painted this". Can't wait to learn more from them.

Susie B., verified customer and Google Reviewer

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