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Kent Island Federation of Arts, Inc.
405 Main Street, Stevensville, MD 21666
410-643-7424 | |​​​


We had a fabulous day plein air painting with the Indiana Plein Air Painting Association!  Brian's "Chapel in Madison" is a little studio painting he envisioned during that outing.  The stone chapel, surrounded by the neatly tended memorials, held a special charm and he actually went back twice to capture reference photos in differing light.  


Oil on gessoed board, framed in a tasteful 3/4" wide black black from with a very thin bit of gold leaf to set off the painting (pic available upon request).  Frame is from Master's Frame Company, locally owned and operated in Clarksville, Indiana.

"Chapel in Madison" 12" x 6" framed, #8310

Excluding Sales Tax
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