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Our Artist Specialty Soaps and Barrier Butter

No matter your medium, our soaps and butters were made especially for the tough task of getting your hands, brushes, gear and workstations clean.

These soaps are handcrafted by our artists in our Laconia, Indiana studio in small batches. Our products are 100% natural, harnessing the power of nature that other chemical-laden unnatural soaps just can't safely deliver.

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Scrubby Artist Soap

The BEST soap we have ever used for getting oil paints, gesso, and solvents off your hands.  All natural oils with a touch of pumice combine to make this soap a super powerful cleaner that leaves your hands feeling soft and clean!  Made in small batches by Artist Brian Sutton from his own exclusive recipe.  Ships from Laconia, Indiana.


4 oz. bar contains- saponified coconut and avocado oils, fine ground pumice and poppy seeds.

Swishy Brush Cleaner pic.jpg

Swishy Brush Cleaner

This gentle formula does wonders for your synthetic paint brushes and China Boar bristle brushes.  Cleans and conditions in one step. 

We've found it can also effectively revive brushes with dried-on paint! 

Developed by Artist Brian Sutton and made in small batches here in the studio. 

Note: Natural bristle brushes may not respond well to water or soap. Damage may occur. Check with your brush manufacturer on recommended cleaning instructions before using this on natural hair brushes.

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

Rich Artist Barrier Butter

All natural formula made right in our studio by Artist Karen Saunders!


Use this before painting to provide a barrier against the solvents and pigments you get on your hands while painting. Makes washing a breeze after you are finished with your masterpiece.


Also great anywhere on your body as a moisturizer. Get rid of those dried out winter elbows and knees. Use it on your feet at bedtime to wake up with amazing feeling feet!


This one is our best selling barrier butter.

Convenient ordering and low prices

Take advantage of current low prices before inflation forces an increase! Order plenty to keep you going at lower cost.

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