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Does Your Canvas Suck? How to improve the quality of your painting surface cheaply

Painting on a cheapo canvas? We have all done it!

I have a simple, inexpensive solution to help you improve the quality of your painting surface on a budget.

Hi, Everybody, this is Brian from Art Party Unlimited.

The biggest piece of advice that is repeatedly ignored from our students is to paint on the best quality surface you can afford.

Instead, they bring in those cheap-o canvases that they got on a blue light special that are so rough it's like painting on a sheet of sandpaper. Your painting surface is just as important as your paint. If your pockets aren't overflowing with cash, here is how you upgrade what you have.

  1. Purchase a quality gesso. I have recommendations for below.

  1. Buy some sandpaper, fine grit

  2. Use the sandpaper to sand down that crummy canvas

  3. Apply a good coat of gesso. Be sure to thin that gesso down with water to ensure it reaches all the nooks and crannies that the manufacturer missed

  4. Dry that first coat.

  5. Sand it lightly, then repeat a couple more times, sanding in between coats and then do a light sanding to finish off your canvas.

I guarantee your canvas will be tons better than the original.


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