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Holiday Inspiration For Your Inner Artist!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's an amazing sentiment and as Christmas lovers we largely agree. Christmas Inspiration Crafts Holiday Painting

This wonderful time comes with trade offs though! One of the biggest we have ourselves and hear from others is that with the business of the season there isn't any time to actually stop and paint! We get so caught up in navigating the events, family and work obligations, and emotions of the holidays that it can be hard to take time for ourselves as artists.

With this in mind, we've curated a few articles to guide your inspiration. Let us know what you are creatitng this holiday season!

Want a ton of great painting ideas all in one place? Here's a great article with lots of links to projects to inspire you all through the holidays. The Ideas from the website "Feeling Nifty" range from Christmas tree ornaments to super cute acrylic paintings!

"65+ Joyful Christmas Painting Ideas to Ignite Your Festive Creativity"

Ok, maybe you can't find time to pull out the painting gear, but you can find an excuse to bake up some holiday treats! Grab some festive cookie ideas from this great Food Network list.

"25 Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas for Your Best Batch Yet"

If your holiday business centers around kids, we've got a great list of adorable projects from a website called "Crazy Little Projects." Karen, with her Early Childhood Ed background, especially loves that many of these are super easy AND create unique, giftable items!

"25 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids"

Be sure to let us know what creative things you're trying this year! Happy Painting!


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