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I have been around art my entire life. My mother is a gifted oil and watercolor artist, but now spends her days making wonderful quilts for others. Because of my exposure to beautiful art from almost the moment I was born, it seems natural to me that I gravitate toward painting.

For the past four years I have been a full-time professional artist. My wife Karen Saunders and I run Art Party Unlimited at Bend In The Road Studio in southern Indiana, where we do public, private and corporate painting events. We also do private instruction. We love what we do.

I retired from the U.S. Army in 2010 after 22 years of service. I am a veteran of operations in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq and have lived in Korea and Germany.

While originally from the farms of central Indiana, I have a worldly view thanks to the travels during my time in the Army. I would not trade that for anything. I have seen so much, and done so much, that my life with my family on a simple homestead on the bank of the Ohio River is all I really need. I appreciate the beauty of where I live and I hope that it comes through in my paintings. A soldier hopes for peace among all other things, so a peaceful life in the country suits me just fine.

I am constantly in professional development, and my styles change drastically from year to year or even month to month as I absorb all I can from peers and mentors, workshops and videos - I am a constant learner. I hope you are, too, and I hope we can each find our ways in our art journey and that our paths will cross many times along the way.


Whether you are an art collector (I am, too!) or an artist I welcome you and I hope our art relationship is a long and fruitful one. I appreciate all of my art friends.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to look at any piece available in the gallery as photographs just can't capture the details of a painting the way the human eye can. Every painting created by anyone looks better in person, so don't be shy about scheduling a visit if you see something you like. Making a personal connection with those who buy my work is important to me and I welcome discussions about any of the work.


Be careful, though! I have been often accused of nerding out because I love to talk details of painting! Can you blame me?

I appreciate your visit and hope that you swing by often for continually updated content.

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